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Enrollment for my “ACE Your Goals - Self Programming Made Simple” program is about to open. Get on the invitation list if you want the option of me helping you ACE Your Goal.

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If you are the owner of my International Best Selling Book: "Winning Mindset - Psychological Strategies That Drive You to Succeed", you can download the audiobook version for FREE.

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I’ve been changing lives for the better for 20 years

And I can get you to ACE your Goals too!

It’s not just a cool acronym like SMARTER Goals. When you ACE Your Goals, you’ll be applying a systematic, multi-sensory approach to goal setting that exponentially increases your likelihood of success with any goal. Outlined in my book “Winning Mindset - Psychological Strategies That Drive You To Succeed”, the ACE Your Goals process takes advantage of time tested, road proven techniques that have shown themselves to be effective over and over for hundreds of years. I have brought tools and techniques from coaching and therapy together and made them simple to understand and follow.

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Meet David Fairweather

Hi - I’m your guide to highly effective goal setting and self-programming protocols.

I’ve always been responsible for teaching courses and supporting people in one way or another - these days it’s coaching clients and students of my ACE Your Goals Self Programming Made Simple Course.

Here’s who else I’ve taught:

  • Professional Engineers in Aerospace and Automotive environments for some of the largest corporations on the planet.
  • Nursing Students in University as part of their Pathophysiology classes.
    I’ve taught Registered Nurses in workshops and online.
  • Meditators in temple, wellness centres and community centres.
  • Patients and clients in one-on-one sessions, in person and online.

I’ve also taught, lectured, and informed the public on podcasts, webinars and even on TV! Let me know if you'd like to work with me.

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Ideas, Advice and Impactful Strategies for Gaining Self-Mastery and Becoming the Best Version of You

Every week I put out a video about something I’ve learned in almost two decades working in the personal development industry. Ranging from Mindset tips and tricks to insightful observations and advice — my brief videos and helpful articles will both entertain and educate you in their “2 minutes or less” format.

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"Fairweather shows you the patterns of success to take your career, business and personal goals to new heights."

Heather Arthur

Vice President of Customer Care, Rogers Communications


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