ABC's of Anxiety

Learn the ABC's of Anxiety

ENROLL TODAY and let David walk you through his self-paced anxiety management system.

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety quickly
  • 5 Learning modules
  • 30 Easy to digest video lessons
  • 7 Immersive audio resources
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Is this for you?


If you struggle with any of the following symptoms, this course could help you resolve them.

  • Nervous agitation, restlessness or overstimulation
  • Difficulty sleeping or trouble staying asleep
  • Unsettled or overwhelming feelings
  • Feelings of dread, doom or fear
  • Tightness in the chest or hands
  • Increased heart rate, rapid breathing or sweating
  • Shaky, trembly or depleted feelings
  • Trouble concentrating on anything but your worries
  • Reliance on Anxiolytics, sleep aids or sedatives
  • Excessive or dependant use of alcohol or intoxicants
  • Feelings of inferiority or weakness
  • Indigestion issues or frequent inability to eat
  • Self-consciousness or trepidation in public or social situations
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Why learn from me?


If you aren’t making progress by struggling alone or you are having a hard time finding an effective way of coping with your anxiety, I may be able to help you change things.

  • I am a fully trained, fully qualified and fully licensed mental health professional
  • I am credentialed in stress and wellness consulting by the Canadian Institute of Stress
  • I am a meditation teacher and practitioner of mindfulness
  • I am a self-hypnosis instructor and experienced mind guide
  • I am a brainwave biofeedback and consciousness trainer
  • I am healthy communication and self-talk facilitator
  • I have taught stress and anxiety management to registered nurses and university students
  • I am the host of the weekly podcast Worry Free Wednesday
  • I am the author of self-help resources that have been utilized by hundreds of thousands of people (many of which have left incredible reviews for you to check out yourself)
  • I am able to help you make sense of what’s happening to you and to change the way you respond to anxiety triggering events
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What will you get?


In addition to immediate access to the online training modules, your investment in the Building Blocks of Confidence will provide you with a means to feel more confident, about you and your future.

  • You will get to benefit from all of my years of experience as a registered psychotherapist and high performance mind coach
  • You will learn to take control of your own nervous system and stop letting rogue thoughts turn you into a tizzy
  • You will get a thorough understanding of what’s happening to you, why it’s happening and what you can do to change it
  • You will receive supporting exercises to the lessons that let you focus on building the specific skills that will help you
  • You will get to leave your anxious days behind and begin enjoying your life on another level
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Building Blocks of Confidence

The Tools You Need to Conquer Your Anxiety


In this easy to digest modular course, you will you gain a better understanding of what you are dealing with and why.

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Step by Step

Let me lead you personally through everything you'll need to know to get the most out of each exercise and ultimately conquer your anxiety.

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I'll be your guide

Allow me to guide you through meditative and experiential exercises that will change how you respond to anxiety for the rest of your life.

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You can do it

Learn how to turn off or turn down anxiety and gain greater self-control on the way to self-mastery.

Building Blocks of Confidence


The sooner you learn the skills to gain control over anxiety, the sooner you'll get back to living your life!


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What's inside

  • Life changing self-calming tools
  • Techniques to gain confidence and control
  • 5 Learning modules
  • 30 Easy to digest video lessons
  • 7 Immersive audio resources
  • Free updates for life
Your instructor

David Fairweather 

David Fairweather is a registered psychotherapist and high-performance mind coach focused on getting the absolute best out of everyone he works with. With the right guidance you can do anything you set your mind to. Let David guide you into becoming the very best you, you can be.

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It's time to start living your life!

The sooner you begin conquering anxiety, the longer you'll have to enjoy your more wonderful life without it!