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"Success leaves clues, but why wait for the clues to show up? Instead, read Winning Mindset, where Fairweather shows you the patterns of success to take your career, business and personal goals to new heights."

Heather Arthur
Vice President of Customer Care, Rogers Communications.


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The host of the show on Rogers TV interviews David about his new book, Winning Mindset. Get some insight into David's humour and passion for helping people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the highly effective transferable principles of self-change and will therefore be involved in any transformational work in one form or another, even if you aren’t aware you are using one of the principles! You can use these strategies to stop smoking, work more efficiently, lose weight, earn more commissions, or anything else you’d like to accomplish.

These principles can and have worked for millions of people though out history and if used correctly will work to keep you motivated to do what you are determined do. When you engage with the principles and put your plan into action, you will immediately begin to see the evidence of it working for you.

I will not be attempting to hypnotize you, although to me hypnosis is basically a word to describe using the imagination. I will certainly be guiding your imagination, but a dictionary wouldn’t consider it hypnosis.

Definitely not! I do not want you to sit back daydreaming about a better life that may never be. I want you to take targeted action now and make it happen!!

"David’s book, Winning Mindset, is the best compilation of technique and practical applications on the subject that I have ever read, and I unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to use the power of their own mind to improve themselves in their business, as well as their personal lives. I fully expect this book to change many lives for the better and I congratulate David on a job very well done."

Anthony T. Galie
International Speaker, Author and Executive Coach.

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