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Your Steps to Success

1 Assess

Your transformational journey begins with a comprehensive series of assessments and some self reflection about what’s missing by utilizing the Discovery & Diagnostics tools.

2 Plan

Next you’ll make a fully defined plan of action that would make Napoleon Hill proud, giving yourself a crystal clear direction and some tangible steps to take aim at.

3 Implement

Finally you’ll be in a position to take the inspired actions that keep you feeling motivated to make progress every single day, so that it’s just a matter of time until you succeed.

"What I'm truly inspired by were things you say that I've just never heard quite put the way you put it and a lightbulb suddenly goes off!"

Tiffany Jones
Television Host, Media Professional

"Fairweather shows you the patterns of success to take your career, business and personal goals to new heights."

Heather Arthur
Vice President of Customer Care, Rogers Communications.

"David’s “Winning Mindset” is a must have for anyone looking to achieve personal goals, or professionals that work with individuals in a capacity where they help their clients to achieve their goals."

Tasha Star
Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Athlete

"A user friendly framework to work from! Great examples to support explanations, Highly recommended!"

Jimmy Petruzzi
Best Selling Author, NLP Trainer, Award Winning High Performance Coach
Meet Your Coach

David Fairweather

David Fairweather is a registered psychotherapist and high-performance mind coach focused on getting the absolute best out of everyone he works with.

With the right guidance you can do anything you set your mind to. Let David guide you into becoming the very best you, you can be.


Create your best life on purpose!

Not really sure what to do with your life?

You could spend all your time and money on things that bring you pleasure, and still end up feeling that something is missing.

Sure it might feel good for a while and take your mind off life’s pains, but no amount of passive pleasure will never lead you to the deep, lasting sense of self worth and satisfaction that only comes from achieving a meaningful goal you set your mind on and aced.

I’m David Fairweather, author of Winning Mindset and the mind behind the Winning Mindset System. I used to live an unfulfilling life filled with pain as an uninspired aerospace engineer, going through the motions and suffering from self worth and identity issues. It was financially rewarding and didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but eventually lead to anxiety, depression, burnout and chronic pain.

Rather than sit back and let fate dictate my life’s story, I took a huge leap of faith and quit, ultimately carving a new path for myself as a registered psychotherapist and high performance mind coach. It wasn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Not everyone needs to drastically change careers like I did to find meaning in life. For some it might be as simple as getting more involved in their community, working to achieve a better level of wellness, breaking a bad habit or being a better friend or role model to others.

By taking positive action and employing the ACE Your Goals and AIM Your Mind components of the Winning Mindset System, you’ll fast-track yourself to a more fulfilling life you can actually feel proud of – like me. And if you need a little help in the stress and anxiety department – there’s always the Personal Power Tools for you to employ.

FREE Live Masterclass
Your Guide to Goals

Learn how to set meaningful goals and start making forward progress today!


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