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A life-changing digital program based on David Fairweather’s international bestselling book Winning Mindset - Psychological Strategies that Drive You to Succeed

Just 6 Weeks After Committing To Ace Your Goals

Graduates of the course report incredible improvements to more than just their levels of motivation and focus — both critical to succeeding in becoming your best self or living your best life*.


Your life satisfaction will increase exponentially as you become more effective with how you spend your days.


You'll become far more determined not to let anything get in your way and far more motivated to succeed.


You’ll be set on a crystal clear path to follow and you'll know the right steps for you to take to get there.


You’ll know exactly what you need to do and feel confident about where best to invest your energy.

* Based on previous workshop participants who completed the ACE Your Goals Course.

"Fairweather shows you the patterns of success to take your career, business and personal goals to new heights."

Heather Arthur

Vice President of Customer Care, Rogers Communications

Ready to start programming yourself to succeed at becoming your best self and living your best life?

When you join the ACE Your Goals course, you'll get...

  • Tools and techniques for making great routines and habits of getting yourself to perform at a higher level each and every day.
  • Steps and strategies to set your inner GPS on autopilot and overcome obstacles that hold you back or get in your way.
  • Worksheets and templates that make it simple for you to get clear on your best path and follow the map that's perfect for you.
  • Tactics for implanting good thoughts that lead to great behaviour and how to get over your inner saboteur (aka the voice of doubt). 
  • Motivational and meditative audio resources that make it easy for you to dive deep within yourself for answers and engage in passive body active mind explorations.
  • Assessments that’s assist you to bring greater awareness to areas of need and enable you to establish suitable measures and necessary adjustments.

Due to Increasing Pressure to Adapt to Our Rapidly Changing World the Demand For Effective Self-Development Help is at an All-Time High

So I've created this new digital program with life changing content, paradigm shifting protocols and simple to follow instructions

It will help you advance significantly in your quest to become your best self, by mining into and magnifying your passion, amplifying your focus and effectiveness and maximizing your positive impact on the one and only life you’ll ever get the opportunity to live. Really live. Don't you deserve to make it the very best life possible for you to imagine living?

Yes, I want to make 2022 my best year yet!

Take action now before “life” gets in your way and tricks you into staying stuck or settling for what comes easy.

In this 6 module online course we are going to cover:

Module 1

Discovering the right GOAL for you

  1. Getting grounded before takeoff 
  2. Understanding your motivation to improve
  3. Assessing quick fixes and lasting solutions
  4. Getting a clear GOAL in mind
  5. Avoiding regrets and lessons learned too late
Module 2

Making a SMARTER GOAL you feel like pursuing

  1. Getting SMART about your GOAL
  2. Making your goal even SMARTER
  3. Setting Midway Milestones
  4. Getting clear on your WHY
  5. Seeking encouraging evidence of advancement 
Module 3

Affirming your action steps

  1. The power of language and positive self talk
  2. Developing motivational phrases and affirmations
  3. How your inner GPS gets programmed
  4. How ideas manifest into motion
  5. Pre-sleep self-programming
Module 4

Conditioning helpful habits

  1. The power of routines and making good habits
  2. Getting clear about your consequences
  3. Self-rewards that lift your spirits
  4. Being accountable for making progress
  5. Keeping your goals in mind
Module 5

Envisioning your success into reality

  1. The power of visualizing and mental rehearsal
  2. Entering the theatre of your mind
  3. Updating your subconscious self-image
  4. Utilizing symbology in pursuit of your goals
  5. Facing up to your inner critic and feeling good about you
Module 6

Driving yourself on autopilot

  1. Setting yourself up to keep succeeding
  2. Getting tricky and utilizing technology
  3. Coaching yourself over hurdles and hesitation
  4. Motivating yourself with music
  5. Tracking your progress and correcting your course

A "Self-Programming Audio" tool to keep you motivated

  • Boost your spirits and sharpen your commitment — simply by listening to it while you set yourself up for a super productive day — every day!
  • Update it as often as you need — so that it is always the most personal, relevant and motivating motivational audio recording on earth — for you!
It's all about you

Why do I need a "Self-Programming Audio" tool?

We’ve known for a long time how impactful listening to motivating words from someone inspirational can be. The motivational audio industry is massive and everyone from Tony Robbins to Deepak Chopra is on the action. Now imagine that they spoke specifically to you and only mentioned really motivating things that were applicable to you! That would be awesome, right? Well, you don’t need Tony Robbins when you know how to do a better job yourself. That’s one of the key advantages of this unique training — YOU will make the single most motivating, self-propelling and personally motivating audio available on planet earth — and YOU will be able to let it motivate you throughout your day, whenever you need, and as much as you need.

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Key Benefits of the Course

  • You'll become more efficient and waste less time doing the wrong thing.
  • You’ll become more focussed and less distracted by shiny objects that lead you astray.
  • You’ll become more motivated and really feel like making the progress you need to make.
  • You become more determined and committed to overcoming any obstacles or barriers that stand in your way.
  • You’ll become more effective and make more impact in pursuit of your goals and the life you want to be living.
  • You’ll get to be part of a like minded group of "GOAL ACERS", committed to turning up and making it happen.
  • You’ll find it harder to make excuses that keep you stuck or slow you down, simply by making the decision to take yourself, your goals and your life more seriously for just a few weeks.
  • You’ll become exponentially more likely to actually ACE Your Goal!

"I unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to use the power of the mind to improve themselves in their business, as well as their personal lives"

Anthony T. Galie

International Speaker, Author and Executive Coach

Even more benefits you’ll get out of the Course

  • You’ll get crystal clear on your goals in life
  • You’ll set a solid, well thought out goal, stated in the most moving and inspiring way possible for you
  • You’ll determine several unique and highly personal affirmations to optimize your goal focussed mindset
  • You’ll get the inside scoop on your real reasons for wanting to succeed
  • You’ll stop tricking yourself with false promises and half hearted commitment
  • You’ll face the truth of who you really are and what’s really important to you
  • You’ll possess a focussed vision of your self-affirming future activities and inevitable satisfying success 
  • You’ll be armed with the ability to update, renew or re-do your self-programming audio tool whenever you need to
  • You’ll develop several positive and purposeful habits you can continue to benefit from along your entire journey to success and happiness
  • You’ll feel compelled to keep taking action in pursuit of your goals until you succeed.
Course Contents

What you’ll receive by enrolling

One of the hardest things to do when pursuing a long term goal, is to remain focused and motivated to achieve it, for long enough to actually achieve it.

Because of this, you will be employing a powerful motivational aid, guaranteed to remind you of your big "Why" — and all the "Whats" along the way.

The surprisingly useful tool you’ve always needed, but didn’t realize just how much!

Get on the List
  • Over 6 hours of video training presented in a modular online format for you to watch and learn from at your own pace.
  • 6 course workbooks containing assessments, questionnaires, printouts and templates for you to fill in as you learn.
  • 12 guided audio meditations to help you deeply reflect on your underlying motivations and discover insights and understandings buried deep within your brain.
  • Weekly Q & A sessions where you’ll get the answers to all your coursework related questions.
  • Group Masterminds to leverage the power of GroupThink and the experiences of others in the attainment of your Goal.
Stay Focussed on your Goal

Why deliver Motivating Messages to yourself?

Your life will change when you possess a self-programming audio tool that can be safely used daily to keep you zoned in on your goal and making progress consistently. Simply press play and all of your motivation gets delivered to you again... and again. This is POWERFUL STUFF, but often underestimated!

Key benefits of your daytime Self-Programming Audio tool:
  1. It’s an MP3 that works on your mobile device — so it's always handy and available for you to use — whenever and how often you need.
  2. It's the simplest and most succinct reminder of your all important and motivating “Why”, so you’ll never lose sight of your mission or the fuel that drives you to achieve it.
  3. You are the author of it, so it will fit and suit you perfectly since every motivating word will speak specifically and only to you!

Still not convinced?

Do not underestimate this powerful tool

I’ve been making motivational audio for clients and patients for almost 20 years now.

I was the first recipient of a home made and highly tailored motivational audio — back when I’d developed a chronic pain syndrome and I needed daily reminders to relax and access hope about my otherwise dim future.

I wasn’t convinced at first, but my self-made motivational audio CDs enabled me to overwrite my hopeless thoughts and offer myself healthy alternate thoughts that made me feel much better.

There are thousands of motivational audio tracks you could buy and download, but not one of them will speak specifically to you and mention your specific motivations and aspirations.

It sounds obvious that you are the only person on earth that could author a motivational audio that speaks specifically to you.


Almost everyone I’ve ever worked with throughout my entire self-development career thought the idea of a personalized motivational audio, sounded nice, but didn’t think it would move them anywhere near as much as it actually did!

Yet, almost every time, they were blown away when they actually got to experience the effects of theirs.

It’s a fascinating phenomena that people typically underestimate how impactful it is to be reminded regularly of all your reasons to dig deeper instead of giving up.

“I don’t think it will help much” very quickly changes to “Oh my god that was frickin’ amazing to listen to!” quite predictably after the first listen.

It’s not really that surprising if you think about it.

Many people go on a diet or decide to give up smoking, but then give up on the transformational endeavour when things get arduous or difficult for them.

If only they could be reminded of why it’s so important for them, how it will change their life for the better, what’s in it for them to persevere, and what undesirable outcome they will be forced to suffer if they decide to give up on their goal.

Here’s what actual motivational audio recipients have actually said:

What "Self-Programming Audio" users are saying

Benjamin Stone

"It gives me the impetus to keep going because it’s so very uplifting to listen to."

Simona Bilanicova

"The recording has been a game changer for me for sure, I really love it and find it very motivating."

Dave D.

"It’s like, what’s the point of that? But then BOOM that makes a big difference!"

What are you waiting for?

If you choose to wait

[and justify not needing to effectively adapt instead of getting off the fence and taking action to craft a life you are in love with], you'll miss out on this opportunity to get a lot more out of yourself and your life...

Actually, not checking this out will cost you a lot more in terms of all you could have learned and achieved but didn't because you chose to continue procrastinating...

Don't accept an average or under par existence!

You can make more of yourself and your life if you decide to ACE Your Goals!!

Yes, I want to successfully ACE my Goal!