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Why You Should Set Goals

Nothing is more important than your why, as your why will get you over any how and any what you collide into or come into contact with in pursuit of your goal.

What Goals You Should Set

You cannot improve upon or make progress towards a goal you have not set, so deciding upon the goal to set will be critical to accomplishing it!

How to Make Your Goals SMARTER

It’s a simple process to fully define your goals in the most motivating way possible, using the SMARTER Goals Setting Process.

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Protect Your Goals From Life’s Relentless Challenges!

Download the best free guide on goal setting and learn how to set yourself up to succeed at any goal you decide to set yourself.

  • We’ll take the whole brain into account and won’t settle for logical goals that appeal to the left hemisphere but don’t feel motivating for the emotional right hemisphere to think about. That way you’ll feel like protecting your goals from “life’s” interruptions.
  • We’ll ensure you’ve fully defined your goals and haven't left yourself vulnerable to “life” finding an unguarded way to distract or discourage you from succeeding. That way you’ll be super focused and motivated to continue making progress.
  • We’ll set your goals in the clearest way possible, making sure that you can clearly see what has to be done and what’s in it for you to get it done. That way you'll find it harder to fool or sabotage yourself into giving up or settling for less.
Knowledge is Power

Due to ever increasing demands on our time, it’s never been more important to set SMARTER Goals!

Knowledge is power and this powerful map to effective Goal Setting will ensure you stand out head and shoulders above the “average” Goal Seeker.


You are going to get super clear on all 7 critical aspects of Goal Setting...



If you don’t define what specific goal you want to achieve, you can’t succeed on purpose.


If you don’t have a way to measure your progress, you won’t feel encouraged or motivated by it.


If it’s not possible to achieve, you’d find it quite a challenge to pointlessly tackle.


If there is no greater relevance, it won’t jump to the front of many lineups or take priority over much.


If you don’t have a deadline, you could legitimately consider pursuing it forever and never really take a single step towards achieving it.


If you don’t feel like doing anything to achieve your goals, you’ll never make the progress that could motivate you to make more progress.


Knowing what’s in it for you to make the effort to make motivating progress, will make all the difference with any goal you ever set.


PLUS: You’ll also get the option of downloading a 47 minute video masterclass that goes deeper into every topic and provides many examples to help you set the most effective goals possible, a 37 minute guided meditation that employs both your left and right brain hemispheres in a relaxing exploration for answers to your goal setting questions - and much much more!!

Meet the Author

David Fairweather

I haven't always been a High-Performance Mind Coach, but I have always been involved in coaching.

I’ve taught in Corporate, College and University environments, training and mentoring professional engineers, registered nurses and all manner of “regular folk”.

I always knew I wanted to understand human beings and help them, but started out in the wrong career, choosing the easy route of becoming an aerospace design engineer after school, instead of pursuing my real interests in psychology!

Human beings are creatures of habit and routine. We prefer familiar and safe to novel and threatening.

The way we engage in life becomes a habit for us and my habit of engaging in the wrong career resulted in a repetitive strain injury 20 years after I denied myself a more fitting career path.

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You Need The Smarter Goals Guide!

You can’t feel the pride and joy of succeeding with a goal you set, if you don’t set a fully defined, clear and definite goal.

Not a kinda sorta goal, a maybe or a nice to have goal.

I’m talking about a goal you have decided you are going to succeed at.

SMART Goals were fine once upon a time.

But in the fast paced and highly demanding 21st Century, only a SMARTER Goal has what it takes to stand up to “Life” and lead you to victory.

When you get your SMARTER Goals Guide you’ll possess the template for succeeding with any goal you ever set, whatever it is you like or need to succeed at.

Getting it clear in your head and getting your thoughts organized around it, is the best thing you could ever do.

And that’s what the SMARTER goals guide will get you to do.

Get your copy and set yourself up to succeed at something today!

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"The guide makes it so obvious if there is an aspect to goal setting you haven't thought through! Highly recommended!!"

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"It's been really helpful in figuring out my why - and a bunch of how's!"

Simona Blanicova

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SMARTER Goals Guide

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