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Your Guide to Goals

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Why do you need to attend

Unfulfilled, overwhelmed, unsure or aimless?

Experiencing frustration, confusion, doubts and a lack of direction suck the life out of you and rob you of your mojo. Without clear and purposeful goals to aim at in life, you get to suffer:

  • Achieving less than you know you could do
  • Constantly disappointing yourself and others
  • Feeling bad more often than not
  • Being dissatisfied at the end of the day
What you don’t want to miss out on

Clarity, Confidence, Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Experiencing control over your life’s direction puts you squarely in the driver’s seat. When you understand how to make the most of your potential, you get to enjoy:

  • Getting more out of you and your life
  • Greater pride in how you create and direct your life
  • Feeling good about your achievements
  • Satisfaction in how your time and energy are spent

Be the author, producer and director of your life's story!

Here's the solution you've been waiting for

Great goals guide you to get more out of your life

On this Masterclass you will get:
  • CLEAR about your next steps to a more satisfying life that you have more control over.
  • CONFIDENT about your ability to succeed at something meaningful to you.
  • COMMITTED to achieve real satisfaction in life and not settle for "quick fixes".

You have the potential to live a life of passion and purpose with a meaningful goal and a winning mindset. 

Solutions don’t work unless you apply them

If you don’t take action, you can’t achieve anything

On this Masterclass we will:
  • EXPOSE the hidden obstacles that all goal seekers must face before they can succeed.
  • EXPLORE the secret benefits that most goal-setters fail to appreciate.
  • EXPLOIT the gold standard strategies that have been proven to work for almost everyone.

Get more clarity, confidence, satisfaction and fulfillment, by attending Your Guide to Goals.

FREE Masterclass
Your Guide to Goals

Learn how to set meaningful goals and start making forward progress today!

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You'll take away

Tangible tools and simple strategies

  • You get your own copy of Your Best Goal Guide workbook, which means you’ll possess a method for discovering your “Goldilocks of Goals” - the goal you want and need, that will benefit you most from achieving.

  • You get the SMARTER Goals Guide workbook, which means you’ll own the simple, 7 step process for fully defining any goal, from your main aim in life, to small goals that you can achieve immediately.

  • You get to absorb vital information and priceless inspiration that will give you the edge over daydreamers and wishful thinkers when it comes to setting a goal that gives your life purpose and meaning, ignites your motivation and passion for life…. and makes the absolute most of your gosh given potential!

Why not just wing it and try not to worry?

Successful people are guided by goals and don't entertain doubts.

They aren’t that different from you or anyone else.

They just do things differently than 98% of people who fail with their goals.

Before you can join the top 2% of the population capitalizing from the goals they set themselves, there’s a few key basics about goals that are vital for you to understand.

With so many mistakes you can make on your journey, you’ve probably encountered some of them already.

Most are completely avoidable, but you can’t fix what you can’t see isn’t working.

Constantly battling unseen forces can be incredibly frustrating and causes most people to give up on their goals.

Meet Your Instructor

Take Advantage of David’s Experience

David Fairweather has been helping people become better versions of themselves and live better lives, for almost 20 years, as a certified coach and psychotherapist.

Working as a professional at both ends of the self improvement industry has given David insights and experiences benefitting every aspect of the self development spectrum.

Every coach and trainer has their unique differences. Register to attend Your Guide to Goals today, and you’ll get to experience David and the difference he can make to your life!


What people say about David’s trainings

"Fairweather shows you the patterns of success to take your career, business and personal goals to new heights."

Heather Arthur

Vice President of Customer Care, Rogers Communications

"The techniques given were really good."

Benjamin Stone

Integrative Medicine Practitioner 

"What I'm truly inspired by were things you say that I've just never heard quite put the way you put it and a lightbulb suddenly goes off!"

Tiffany Jones

Television Host

FREE Masterclass
Your Guide to Goals

Learn how to set meaningful goals and start making forward progress today!

Registration Closed.