About David Fairweather

 When I lost my career to a workplace injury and had to reinvent myself in the midst of life (and debt), I had no idea that the rehabilitation and retraining I needed would set me up for an amazing new career in self development.

Many of the life changing lessons I learned and the time tested techniques I mastered, would become the foundations of my book Winning Mindset - Psychological Strategies that Drive You to Succeed, as well as my online coaching program:  How to ACE Your Goals- Self Programming Made Simple.

I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of my experiences, education and personal understandings with students, coaching clients and basically anyone that will listen. And it continues to bring me great joy to help as many people as I can, avoiding the kind of internal conflict that I couldn’t easily resolve alone.

Here’s how it all came to be...

When I started out in life, I knew I wanted to be a psychiatrist or psychologist, but instead of signing up to shrink school, I walked out of my school after graduation and immediately entered the aerospace industry because that path had opened up before me (and was easier)! 

I could have struggled to afford and attend medical school, or my other passions of videography and audio production, but my whole family had been struggling financially since my Father’s redundancy (and mental health problems) and I was seeking a quick fix to my predicament. 

I struggled a lot down that path because deep down I knew I had no real interest in the guided missiles I was involved in designing for the British National Defence company I’d accepted an apprenticeship with.

After a few years I found a way out and began my next career as a CAD Instructor in Canada, with plans to become self employed and have a great deal of control over my schedule.

Instead, I let the contracts I took and the projects I worked on, dictate when and how much I worked - and they dictated I worked a lot!

Bad habits have a back of getting you in the end, and so my habit of relentlessly working in an occupation I cared little for, lead to a repetitive strain injury from computer keyboard overuse, and I found it getting progressively more and more excruciating to continue trying to work.

If I didn’t work I didn’t get paid, and if I did work things got worse! 

Eventually I felt forced to quit and cut my losses. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was to spend (or invest) 4 years of my adult life, not earning a penny and not being eligible for much in the way of financial support.

Those four years were an amazing gift, regardless how expensive it was to give myself that time. 

I got to reinvent and reimagine David - and thanks to the curiosity of a physical therapist I was seeing, that asked me “Are you sure there isn’t a psychological component to your pain?” - I explored therapy and ended up entering psychotherapy school, stress management training, coaching certification, self hypnosis classes and meditation instructor training. And that was just the beginning…

By the end of my return to school time, I’d begun a private psychotherapy and coaching practice, and I was offered a research assistant position at York University - and then everything started falling into place.

Instead of designing guided missiles, I was guiding the minds of people - just like I’d wanted to before tricking myself into the career I’d left behind now.

I got to facilitate workshops, develop training materials, co-author educational publications and create tools to help nursing students overcome habits of stressing out over their exams or the educational material they were consuming.

The experiences I had back then were invaluable, as was the material that came out of it - including a self help video I posted on YouTube for our students to utilize, which caught the eye of almost half a million other people! 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was actually beginning to live out my dreams of being a psychiatrist, a film maker or an audio production engineer! I directed and edited 50 educational movies, authored numerous self help audio resources and provided psychological assistance to hundreds of students in my role as research assistant.

And then it came time to move on and focus exclusively on my private practice.

Today my life is very different from the way it started out. 

I am now in control of my own schedule.

And I am guided by the self awareness I’ve nurtured, to achieve the goals I set for myself.

My latest goal is to bring awareness of my flagship self development program How to ACE Your Goals - Self Programming Made Simple, to more people, and help them better direct themselves to live lives that suit them better.

Whether that means changing careers, or simply changing the way they think or feel about themselves.

We all have but one life to live - and I highly advise not wasting a day of it doing anything that doesn’t lead you to become the best version of yourself, living the most amazing life you can imagine.

If you have a feeling deep down that you could be doing better, or being better, get in touch with me today - or at least download my FREE GUIDE to setting highly effective goals that motivate you to achieve them.
It’s called The SMARTER GOALS GUIDE - and utilizing it to fully define a life changing goal you can commit to working towards, will definitely give you an edge over almost everyone else on planet earth who’s just doing what comes easy.